Episode 36

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More NSA, More Kanye, “Blackface”, Senator Cory Booker, Rihanna’s tattoos, Chris “Angry Man” Brown, featured artist is Avicii w/ Guest Nika Williams!

  1. NSA Updates: They are/were all up in Google & Yahoo’s ish AND they are/were eavesdropping on World Leaders. See also PBS
  1. Jay Z Responds to Barneys Racism Controversy
    1. Barneys’ CEO apologizes to Jay Z
  1. A brief history of blackface just in time for Halloween
    1. Pictures: Julianne Hough; Jamaican Bobsled Team; Trayvon Martin & Zimmerman
    2. "White Teen In Blackface Responds To Black Critics: ‘Worry About Finding Your Dad’" (this is short and yes utterly preposterous)
    3. Miley got it right. Whew!
    4. Rumor has it the woman in the Trayvon/Zimmerman pic has been fired (Source)
  1. Cory Booker was sworn in as NJ’s first Black Senator and Harry Reid praises his “Size”
  1. Funeral Selfies Are The Latest Evidence Apocalypse Can’t Come Soon Enough
  1. For Discussion:
    1. Chris Brown may have "touched" somebody again . . . Or did he?
    2. Twitter goes apeshit over Blue Ivy’s new hairstyle
    3. Rihanna flies in her team to alter the traditional Maori tattoo she got on her right hand last month / Channels Medusa on British GQ Cover
    4. Kanye West interviewed by our very own Power 106 / Highlights
    5. Nicki Minaj left little to the imagination for Halloween / Miley channels Lil’ Kim
    6. Future and Ciara are engaged . . . and her ring is the same size as Kim Kardashian’s!
    7. Lady Gaga might be working with TLC on their 2014 release
    8. Lou Reed dead at 71
  1. Featured Artist:  “Avicii” (Website; Wiki Entry)
    1. "Wake me up"
    2. "Hey brother"
    3. "Levels" (the video is interesting)
    4. Articles (not required to read just included them in case you were curious)
      1. "Avicii’s Rave New World How the Swedish DJ-producer merged bluegrass and EDM into a global smash"
      2. "Avicii Says “Everything Sounds The Same” In EDM Scene"
  1. New Albums:
    1. Katy Perry – Prism
    2. Black Radio 2 – Robert Glasper Experiment
    3. The Breakfast Experience – Prince
  1. New Singles:
    1. Ice Cube – Sasquatch
    2. Justin Bieber – Recovery
    3. Eminem feat Rihanna – The Monster
  1. New Videos:  N/A
  1. The Charts:
    1. Billboard 200
      1. 1. Katy Perry – Prism
      2. 7. DJ Khale – Suffering from Success
      3. 12. TLC – 20
    2. Hot 100
      1. 1. Lorde – Royals
      2. 2. Katy Perry – Roar
      3. 4. Avicii – Wake Me Up
      4. 10. Ylvis – The Fox
INTERVIEW – NIKA WILLIAMS Nika Williams is a comedic actress and stand up comedian from Miami, FL. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Theatre degree. Go Gators! She was a series regular on Vh1’s StevieTV. Recently, she’s been featured on 2 Broke Girls, Partners and Castle. She was also an improv player on Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out, appeared on Hannah Montana, Snoop’s Bad Girls of Comedy and I love the 2000’s! Nika’s style of comedy can be seen on Shaq’s The Real Preachers Wives as well as films such as Nora’s Hair Salon II and Universal Remote. Her latest sketch is a response to SNL’s Kenan Thompson “We Are Ready”.   Contact: via Twitter, “Follow The Funny” @nikawill, via Instagram @nikawill, via Vine @nikawill, Blog: http://nikawill.blogspot.com/ and the official website: http://www.therealnikawill.com/

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