Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, Crescent N. Muhammad is an actor, blogger, producer, closet writer, lawyer and procrastinating perfectionist – a lethal combination.  An honors graduate of Harvard University, Crescent earned a joint degree in African-American Studies and Government while nurturing a burning desire to be ARTISTIC. However, it was not until she finished three grueling years at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a short stint as a corporate attorney in New York that she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry full time. The idea of playing a lawyer on TV seemed far more appealing than the real thing.

She has provided memorable comedic performances in The Colored Museum, the sketch comedy show Cleo’s Apartment, the web series Elevator, TV1’s Way Black When and the hit cabaret show Harlem’s Night. She also wrote and produced the amusing short OffKilter. Recognizing that she had control issues and needing an outlet for her incessant need to comment on everything under the sun she maintains a daily blog at and now can be heard once a week on the entertaining chaos that is Her motto: “Marry well.”  Oh yeah and “Life is short, enjoy it while you are still breathing on your own.”